Which finger to wear your wedding ring

On which finger do you wear your wedding ring? Is it on the left ring finger or on the right ring finger?

Pair of wedding ring
Photo: “Pair of wedding ring” by Bence Fördős, c/o Flickr. Some Rights Reserved 

On the day of my wedding, I remember being told by the priest to put the ring on my husband's right ring finger. He also did the same for me. I also grew up seeing my parents wear the rings on the right finger.

Apparently, it is on the left ring finger where the vein that goes straight to the heart can be found. This explains the logic of wearing the wedding ring on the left ring finger. Then again, the left hand is considered bad luck in some countries. In fact, the Latin word for "left" means "sinister". I figured, this is also the reason why the priest asked us to wear our rings on our right ring finger.

The ring is just a symbol of your union and I don't think it will affect your marriage whether you wear your ring on the right hand or the left hand. My practical advice, however, is to wear it only on special occasions (especially if you have a titanium wedding band). Or better yet, have two pairs - one for ordinary days and another one for special occasions.

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  1. we wear our wedding rings on our left hand. as the pastor who wed us made us wear on the left. he was a canadian pastor by the way :)

  2. good to know, since my mom and dad were separated, i dont see their wedding ring anymore and i dont have a clue, hihihhi thanks a bunch 24hr mommy!!

  3. I wear mine on the left while my hubby wear it on his right ring finger.
    I just realize now that every time we hold hands, our rings met..


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