Buying lighting fixtures on a budget

Most homes here in the Philippines have the usual lighting fixtures which revolve only around fluorescent lighting of different types, shapes, sizes, and wattage. I remember when we moved in our first home more than a decade ago, I bought 18 compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs, all of the same brand, with wattage capacities depending on which room each will be installed. My immediate concern then was just to provide lighting for each room while saving the most electricity as possible.


But as the years went on, I got to know that lighting fixtures can add beauty to a room. The fixture itself is a home decor. The lighting, on the other hand, sets the tone of the room which can affect the overall mood of the people staying in that particular room. For instance, our dining room's modern ceiling lighting fixture has four 5-watt warm light bulbs because I want us to enjoy a homey, relaxing ambiance while dining.

You can buy the same contemporary lighting fixtures without breaking the budget. We bought ours at a nearby furniture factory cum showroom. This furniture company supplies the same items to the big malls here in Manila but they offer it at a lower price since we're buying direct from them. We also didn't buy all the lighting fixtures at one time. Almost all of the fixtures were bought during store sales so we were able to save a lot of bucks.

Here's a tip, buy from a store where you can haggle (meaning, don't buy from the mall). Then, check each lighting fixture carefully. If there's a chip or a dent, you will be able to slash at least 30% off from the price even if it's on sale. Just be sure that the damaged part will not be noticeable by the naked eye. Remember this especially when buying ceiling lighting fixtures or chandeliers. Who's gonna see the chip when it's already propped up high on the ceiling, right?

Am I being a stingy shopper? Nah, I'm just a budget-conscious mom who loves to save money!

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  1. another good tip from the 24hr mommy!! yay!! napaka cozy naman ng bahay mo.. hihihi.. ganda

  2. saving anyway we can is really important to moms like us!

  3. hmm...the lighting's nice but with younger children around, how can I be on the lookout for possible objects they might pick up and eat?


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