Help Susy Find Geno!

I'm an eighties child. In school, it would be a grand holiday when Susy and Geno visit. I remember sitting on the floor of our school's gym and watching Susy and Geno dance. "Basta kasama sila Susy at Geno, kayang-kaya!" Oh my, I haven't forgotten the jingle yet! But wait, do you know who Susy and Geno are?

Susy and Geno are the cuddly mascots of Sustagen, the milk supplement that my siblings and I loved when we were younger. Susy and Geno would always be special guests in school activities, be it Intramurals or Nutrition Week. They were a hit until the time they left showbusiness.

After years of absence, Susy is back and is rumored to be attempting a showbiz comeback. However, Geno is still nowhere to be found. Susy is now looking for Geno and is asking for everyone's help. In fact, she set up a Facebook page where all information, photos, and videos related to Geno can be found.

Should you find Geno anywhere, please obtain a photo or video footage and upload it in Susy's Facebook page ( Hopefully soon, the two will be back in each other's arms and ready to bring fun to kids of this generation!

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  1. i still remember them!! it would be cool if my kids would know them too!

  2. ay naku, forever thankful ako sa Sustagen for saving my brother's life while he was at the hospital. parang wala na nga akong nakikitang sustagen na pambata sa grocery. ila-launch ba yun uli?

  3. yes may Sustagen pa until now, available in leading supermarkets, groceries and drugstores. Sustagen Kid 3+ and Sustagen School 6+ in Choco and Vanilla flavors =)

  4. Okay. Now I know who's Susy and Geno. I am not sure if we used to drink Sustagen before.


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