Problem with vinyl tile scratches

The floors of the bedrooms in our home are covered in vinyl tiles. I love the wooden design that our vinyl tiles because it gives the same beauty as that of a wood parquet without being expensive. However, the task of maintaining its prettiness is not as easy as having ceramic tiles. I'm not even sure how this happened...

At this point, I'm not at all interested to know whether its the cpu cart of my former desktop PC or my old computer chair that's to cove blame. All I'm focusing right now is providing a remedy for the scratch.

From, I learned that I can scrape/sand the area and seal it with liquid seam sealer. I don't have any idea where to buy that solution so I would just probably cover the floor with a decorative rug or carpet until the time that we can replace the whole lot.

Please let me know if you have any other practical suggestions. It just really bothers me to see this awful tile scratch every single day.

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  1. that is a bad scratch! have you tried those miracle wipe off  stuff?

  2. yung parang pen na pantanggal ng mini scratch sa car pwede ata jan?

  3. hmmm... will look for that nga. where can I find it?


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