Easy money-making ideas this Christmas season

Welcome to the crazy month of December, hahaha! December is always a crazy month for busy moms, don't you agree. Tis the season of shopping, parties, and gift-giving. But this is also the time of the year when we worry about the holiday traffic, our bulging waistline, and of course, our Christmas budget!

Enterprising moms need not fret because December is also the best time to earn more moolah! Below are some easy money-making ideas to help you this Christmas season:

Baked sweet treats. Do you enjoy baking for the family? Why not bake treats for selling this Christmas. Cookies and brownies are always the way to go because they are easier to make and pack. This business will surely continue after the Holidays especially when you get a lot of satisfied customers. Might as well have a rack card printing provider in mind for your flyers even this early.

Repacked chocolates, nuts, and chips. My cousin, Ate Einna, is a full-time office employee but she earns from her repacking sideline. She buys nuts, cornicks, and other snacks in wholesale from a supplier either in Divisoria or Paco and repacks them for selling. She often sells them for Php35/container of 3 for 100 bucks.

Be a personal shopper! Not a lot of people have time to brave the crowds in Divisoria or Baclaran especially during the holiday rush. If you're great in haggling and finding deals and you know the best places to buy inexpensive gift items, then be a personal shopper to those who aren't! Start with your friends or family and slowly build your clientele. Charge them per day for your services exclusive of the transportation expenses.

Gift wrapping services. I'm not really a fan of gift wrapping services in department stores. Yes, they're free but I don't find the wrappings attractive. Plus, you'll have to fall in line and wait for hours before you get your gift-wrapped item. I am blessed that the houseboy also has a skill in gift wrapping so I have him gift wrap what we buy and just give him a bonus for his efforts.

These are just a few of my tried and tested money-making ideas this season. Do you have some to add to the list? Hope you can comment and share them, too!

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  1. I've been there to Divisoria yesterday. whoo! the whole place is so crowded. yet I had fun there looking inexpensive gift ideas=)

  2. thank you for this blog.  me and my officemate plans to sell hams in our office and in our neighborhood.  we are also partners in selling quality but affordable shoes.  we also would like to offer sweets as gifts for those who are too busy to think and buy gifts.  it's good to earn by selling aside from your regular salary. :-)

  3. Wow, nkakatuwa, I think i was so blessed that i read your post, It gives my an idea kung paano mgkkroon ng extra income this coming season..atleast poh hindi lng puro expenses, i will be able to gain din as well. Thanks for sharing..

  4. Glad to help. Dami pa nga, di ko na nailagay dito.

  5. who knows? baka it'll be your regular business na. enough to make you resign from work and have more time with the family, di ba? good luck on your business ventures!

  6. First time to visit this site while looking for business ideas.  Thanks for sharing those ideas, maybe I can do it next Christmas season.  Btw, if it's not too much can you get the specific address of the supplier of your friend who is repacking nuts and sweets.  I am from the province so I am not familiar with the place in Divisoria and Paco.  I would appreciate any help.  Thanks.


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