Simple tips to brighten your child's nursery

There are some great tips to brighten your child’s nursery. Not only does a bright nursery make a beautiful addition to your home, but it elevates everyone’s mood, including your little ones.

Layer Your Curtains
Although it is important to have dark curtains to keep the light out when your little one goes to sleep, having a sheer layer beneath keeps light in during the day without compromising your privacy. You can choose to colour coordinate with your furniture, for example, beige armchair, orange cushions, cream coloured sheer curtains, mocha brown curtains, and so on.

Choose Fun Bright and Light Colours
Consider painting your walls in light bright tones like light yellow to match bright orange cushions, cream or light green carpet and a dark wooden crib.

Good Storage System
Clutter can make a room feel smaller and darker. Investing in a good set of drawers, boxes or shelves is a great idea to keep your child’s room clutter-free and brighter. It also helps keep it clean. Be sure to have a place for everything. Remember, as the saying goes, less is more! Make a habit of occasionally purging clothes, shoes, socks, and other things the children have outgrown or toys they don’t use. If you want to keep them for potential kids to come in the near future, consider putting them out of sight in overhead closets, or in a different room or storage area.

Artwork is a great way to add life and colour to your room. Whether you choose to go with a theme, for example, nature and animals, or simply choose to paint your favourite cartoon characters on the wall, be sure to keep it simple, to use bright colours.

The furniture you choose can also make a huge difference in keeping your nursery bright. Bulky furniture in a small room can make it feel smaller and dark. Prioritize what you need to avoid unnecessary furniture. It is also a great idea to keep the furniture you do have streamlined, for example, you can buy a crib with an attachable changing table and compartment for storage of items like diapers, wet wipes, burp cloths, or other essentials. You can also consider buying a crib with an in-built clothes drawers for maximization of space and storage, or choose to buy sleeker furniture, like a simple rocking chair versus a large bulky one, and so on. Although it is possible to buy your furniture used or from different stores to get the best deals, keeping it color coordinated and clutter-free is quite important.

Light-fixtures are a great way to keep a room bright. Consider investing in adjustable dimming lights which are helpful in putting your child to sleep. You can also use bright colorful shades to match your room and place them strategically in different places in the room.

These few simple tips can make your child’s nursery a bright and uplifting place for you and your children to be.

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  1. Very helpful article  dami ko natutunan dito lalo na yung anak ko d makatulgo sa gabi 

  2. i like the last one. i, for one, love bright places..


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