Wonka Imaginarium at the Shangri-La Plaza

Rap loves eating Nerds and will save money just to buy a box once in a while. My husband and I found the candies weird-tasting at first - one flavor annoyingly sour while the other , super sweet. But once mixed, the colored pellets have this delightful fun taste that will make you want more.

Wonka candies overload!

Weird, yet fun! Very Willy Wonka, don't you think? Willy Wonka is the fictional candy factory in Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and The Glass Elevator. Charlie wins the chocolate factory after getting a golden ticket from his Wonka chocolate bar and besting 4 other kids in Wonka's one of a kind contest. Read the books, they're funny even for adults I tell ya! There's also the Charlie Depp movie which is perfect for a holiday movie marathon at home with the kids.

And speaking of the holidays, Candy Corner Philippines, in partnership with Wonka, brings Wonka to life through the candies exhibited at the Wonka Imaginarium at the Shangri-la Plaza mall from December 1 to 4, 2011. (Please see the schedule posted on the Golden Ticket above.)

2011-12-02 Wonka Imaginarium LowRes (3)
A large Gobstopper-eating grasshopper!

2011-12-02 Wonka Imaginarium LowRes (4)
Inside the magical closet.

2011-12-02 Wonka Imaginarium LowRes (6)
Learning magical spells.

2011-12-02 Wonka Imaginarium LowRes (8)
Dreams written on paper and posted to form the rainbow.

Want a Golden Ticket to go inside The Wonka Imaginarium? All you have to do is buy at least Php 100 worth of Wonka candies at the Wonka Imaginarium candy booth or at the Candy Corner store inside the mall and you're all set and ready to enter this magical land! Enjoy the Wonka Imaginarium with the whole family this weekend. Have fun!

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  1. wow! will go there.."NERDS" candy is my all-time favorite candy since I was a child until now. Looks like same expression with my officemates. Love this much!

  2. oh it's until today=(

  3. is there an entrance fee to this the 24 hour mommy?

  4. 100 peso purchase of Wonka candies for the Golden Ticket.

  5. Is the Wonka Imaginarium, still open? I hope to bring my children there too. After buying P100 purchase of Wonka Candies, how many are we to enter the Imaginarium? Is P100 for one person only? tnx.


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