Why mommies need a "Me Time"

Not once have I been asked "Mommy Mauie, why The 24-Hour Mommy? Don't you ever get tired?" All of those people who asked are not moms that's why they cannot relate. I tell them, "yes, I do get tired" because I do especially on school days.

But you know, I keep myself sane because I'm the mom, the wife, and the over-all in charge of running our tiny household of four humans and two dogs. When things get really toxic, I go out and have my "me time." Just today, I went to the nail salon and had my nails painted blue!

Dr. Nadine Kaslow, who's a psychiatry professor at the Emory University and chief psychologist for the Grady Health System, gives three reasons why moms should have a "me time" every now and then:

  1. To take care of others, you should first take care of yourself. You'll just be like a car that won't move because there's no fuel. Don't tire yourself too much and relax whenever you can.
  2. Taking care of yourself will make you feel better about taking care of others. This way, you won't feel resentful that you're giving every minute of your time for the family yet getting nothing in return.
  3. Happy moms are more effective moms. You'll be less stressed and irritable because you're happy enough to shrug it all off. This especially applies to moms of active toddlers!
"Me time" shouldn't be expensive because you'll eventually get stressed if you go way above your family budget! Sometimes, it relaxes me to just go around the mall all by myself and just go window shopping whether it be admiring michael kors watches displayed at a jewelry store or trying on clothes that I plan to buy once I get my writing cheque. It's like having a date with myself and I do feel refreshed and more energized right after.

Being a mom is indeed a 24/7 job. But, as you can see in my blog header, there are still many things that I do part-time. By the way, I think this applies not only to moms but to dads as well.

When was the last time you had a date with yourself? I'd be glad to read about it!

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  1. Hi Mommy Mauie! Just like you I am 24/7 mom, a newbie blogger, a chemist, a wife. hehe.
    My last “Me time” was when I had my haircut (just last Month). But still my two boys (my husband and 16-month old son), are waiting for me outside the salon, lol. We three are inseparable! That is why I can’t have my “Me time” as much as I would like to. But maybe when my son grow a little older and have a sense of independence, I might have more “Me time

  2. I just had my alone time this morning. I left our 3 daughters with our helpers (anyway they were still asleep).  I walked towards a nearby Starbucks and had a 1 1/2 hour breakfast date with myself. After that I went grocery shopping and went back home just before lunch. I felt so recharged after that. I felt I gave myself a big favor.

  3. as much as I want to but I can't find a way to date "myself"....first,I have no money.2nd,there's no one to take care of my precious baby..so "me" time for me is very rare:(Well,the face of my baby having a huge grin on her face is enough to wipe all the tiredness.

  4. Me time is when I go out and travel for at least twice a year!!!  But of course, I miss my baby whenever I have me time.. hihihihi

  5. Awww.... That's also my dilemma when my boy was still younger. Guess what? You can still have your Me Time by reading your favorite book or magazine while baby's asleep! :)

  6. Oooh, Starbucks! Did you get a holiday sticker? :)

  7. We were just like that when my boy was still younger. Someone has to be with the baby while the other one gets the well-deserved Me Time. Naku, hindi mo mapapansin ang panahon. Lately, my boy wants me to go out and pamper myself so he can also have his Me Time in front of his PS3 at home, haha!

  8. I haven't traveled without my boys, yet. Kakainggit ka ha. :)


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