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I tell my son that I'd leave and work abroad once he graduates from elementary school to teach him how to become independent of me. Honestly, I was kind of half-joking. Part of me wants to go and try it out but a bigger part of me wants to stay and be a full-time mom and wife. It's just that sometimes, especially when I feel that our budget is not enough, I feel guilty of not being able to help my husband more in providing for our family. Do you sometimes feel this, too?

But after balancing the pros and cons of leaving my boys, I always come back to my senses and realize that life is still better here even when times are rough. I'm actually afraid of having regrets in the end of missing important milestones and family events. And you know, I am really thankful that I can still choose to stay. Maybe, I'll just get more online jobs or part-time Webmaster Jobs to add to my income. I know we can pull this through.

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  1. Same dilemma here,I really want to go to abroad so that I can have my own house,I still have so many dreams that wants to be fullfilled,and I dont want to just rely on my husband,but the thought of my baby that I will leave and well miss each other so much was enough to stop me....She was just 7months old and I dont want tomiss everymilestone in her life.Well,I think giving her a decent life is much more important to me.I just makesure that she's in good hands before I leave.

  2. In the end, you'll see that you made the right decision in being there for your baby while she's still young. :)

  3. You're right Ms. Maui. I've been thinking of working abroad before but then I realized, my family is most important. How can money afford family happiness, though this is quite needed, but what really makes a family whole is to stay life in peace together. I am contented with our life now, with GOD as the center of our lives. Truly, HE is "The Great Provider" of everything.

  4. Yes, money can't even replace the important family events and milestones that you'll miss when you're away from your kids. It's good to know that you have strong faith in the Lord. :)


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