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Do you advocate natural and organic products for your family? Then, like me, you are a natural mom!
ASCOF Lagundi, the all-natural cough medicine made from organically grown and harvested lagundi leaves, is one with us in this advocacy. Pascual Laboratories, maker of ASCOF, set up the Natural Moms community for moms who prefer natural and organic products for the family. The community's blog contain articles that share helpful tips and information related to green and organic living. Meanwhile, the community's Facebook and Twitter accounts are venues where moms can interact and exchange experiences and conversations in real time.

Join me and other fellow natural moms in the community by visiting the Natural Moms blog, liking the Natural Moms Facebook page, and following the Natural Moms Twitter account.

By the way, I and other natural mommy bloggers were invited to tour Leonie Agri Corp. (LAC) Farm, the first organic and largest organic farm in the country and the place where the lagundi leaves used for ASCOF are harvested and processed. You can read about the inspiring story behind the farm here.

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  1. My husband try this Ascof lagundi tablets and I must say that this is as effective as it's  other counterparts,the good thing about this med is its much cheaper...

  2. My brother intakes this whenever he is cough. Everything is natural. I highly recommend this to all who suffers from cough, very effective!!!

  3. is ascof also okay with my 17-month old son? (in case, he got cough)

  4. sana mag pa tour ulit sila this year and I will definitely join!


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