Judy Ann Santos chooses Johnson's Baby Milk Bath for her kids

Judy Ann Santos is in the stage of her life where her kids have become her top priority. Being a certified box office and award winning actress, she often finds it hard to leave the house to work and to be away from the kids even just for a few hours. Indeed, Juday has transformed from the child actress Pinoys loved to the doting mom of Yohan and Lucho.

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Such is her concern for her kids that even in choosing for their skin care, she trusts only one brand - Johnson & Johnson. She admits that she is a J&J baby, growing up using Johnson & Johnson products. Naturally, she passes it on to her two children.

Yohan and Lucho may be worlds apart when it comes to their age but Johnson's Baby Milk Bath is the perfect cleanser for both of them. It gently cleanses delicate skin while preventing dryness which causes irritation. It has 100% more milk proteins and vitamins A and E that nourish the skin. Most of all, it is clinically proven mild and has the "no more tears" formula which is suited well for babies and younger kids.

Johnson's Baby Milk Bath isn't just for babies and kids. Even moms can use it in bathing. In fact, Judy Ann uses the same Johnson's Baby Milk Bath that her kids love. "I'm definitely gonna keep using Johnson's," she guarantees.

Johnson's Baby Milk Bath is available in these sizes:
  • JB Milk Bath 100ml Php 39.50 SRP
  • JB Milk Bath 200ml Php 76.25 SRP
  • JB MIlk Bath 500ml Php 169.25 SRP
  • JB Milk Bath 1000ml Php 290 SRP
  • JB Milk Bath 200ml Refill Pack Php 59.50 SRP
  • JB Milk Bath 600ml Refill Pack Php 167 SRP

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  1. there's a new Johnson's baby cooling bath. It's supposed to cool baby's skin so I quickly bought one for my one-year old son. lol :) he's easily irritated these days due  to weather, me thinks. found it a week ago, I believe it's already  out nationwide.


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