Printer Troubles Trigger Creativity

I'm having problems with our 1-year old Brother DCP-195C printer/scanner/copier. The black ink doesn't come out right no matter how many times I have performed the cleaning process. I even bought a new black ink cartridge in high hopes of having texts and photos come out better but to no avail. I'm a bit frustrated because we need the printer especially at this time of the year when there are tons of school projects to be done.

If there's one good thing that this printer trouble has brought me is the fact that we have gone back to the basics. We did my son's school projects the good 'ol fashioned way - using colored markers, crayons, and cut-outs!

Rap was kinda sad that his projects are not computerized because he still needs improvement in his penmanship. Being a teacher myself, I reminded him that teachers give special points to those who gave extra effort in creating school projects. True enough, he came home today bragging about how his teacher gave complimented his work in front of the whole class.

Still, I will be needing a printer. Maybe I should start scouting for inkjet printers this early. Brother support told me that it would cost me around three thousand pesos just in case the printer head needs to be replaced. I bought the unit last year for only Php 3,400. I'm not stupid enough to pay 3K for the service. I'll just bring the unit to HMR and buy a new one, ha! I won't buy any Brother product ever again!

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