Remembering my MOCC days

I was an officer of the Citizen's Army Training Corps in my high school. Initially, I was reluctant to join the Midshipman Officer Candidate Course (MOCC) because I dread the thought of being bullied by my officers. Somehow, I was pressured to be in the course when I became a sophomore because my older sister was already an officer on her junior year in high school. Talk about sibling rivalry, hahaha!

I quit after a week, LOL! The following year, I joined the course again because I thought that I would be treated fairly with my sister being the Vice-Corps Commander and the officer-in-charge of MOCCs. Wrong move, though. My sister, being the "evow" that she is (LOL, she will kill me for this) was tougher, more strict, and eccentric than the ones before her. Imagine, she had us girls have our hair cut barber-style! So on my junior year, I was sporting a "Demi Moore" haircut which I despised so much. My only consolation is that I did not have a JS Prom. Well, that's another high school story.

Eventually, I came to enjoy being in the corps. First, my all of co-MOCCs became like brothers and sisters to me. We bonded well that even the hardest tasks tend to be a bit easy. I also developed love for the training. I learned how to assemble and disassemble M16 rifles. I also learned map reading. We joined CAT-1 competitions and I also brought home medals from some of the competitions we joined. They were basically survival skills that I know I'll carry for life.

I don't know if my high school still has a Citizen's Army Training corps because some schools have already dissolved theirs. I wish that my boy gets the chance to be trained for CAT-1 officership. Until then, the closest thing he'll have to military training is his NERF and plastic barska scope.

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