Time for a check-up

It's June once again and it's time to bring my boy to his orthopedic doctor for his annual check-up. He has scoliosis and we were advised to have his spine checked annually at least until he's 13. The last time we had his back checked, his upper spine was angled at 10 degrees while the lower spine was angled at 20 degrees. Although the S-form is evident, his doctor assured us that the curvature is still minimal and it may improve once he's older.

My husband's transfer to a new company had us changing to a different health provider. We are now using Medicard. I'm not yet sure if the cost of the scoliosis series X-ray will be covered by our new HMO. If it isn't, then, I would be compelled to shell out money for that. We may also need to change doctors depending on their list of accredited providers.

Somehow, I feel the need to find a supplemental insurance, something like the Medicare supplement they have in the States. We got the cheapest Caritas Health Shield plan for our houseboy and we pay only 1,500 pesos monthly for that. I wonder if there's also an inexpensive supplemental HMO that can provide coverage for services that our Medicard cannot. I better start searching the Insurance Information Institute website for that.

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