Getting a pocket digicam

I've been using my Nikon D500 DSLR since November 2009. Since we use it frequently, we decided to hand over our old Canon digicam to my mother-in-law since her Olympus' lens got stuck. I bring my DSLR everywhere there are events, especially in blog events I attend.

But now I'm feeling kinda tired of carrying a bulky camera around. One time, I had to borrow my husband's 8MP HTC Desire HD because I had to attend an event in the morning and a movie premiere in the evening. The cinema would never allow me to get in without leaving my DSLR with them.

This is why I've been looking for affordable, yet efficient, pocket digicams. I've been looking at casio digital cameras exilim model because it's a bit affordable at 14 MP. I'm also looking at the possibility of getting another Canon but that would still depend on the price.

Do you have any recommendations?

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