Scared of Paypal Hacking

Last week, I read from a blogger friend's Facebook post about her Paypal account being hacked. Apparently, she sent more than $200 to a certain person. What's more disheartening is that her actual Paypal money is only around $90. The rest of the amount was charged to her credit card that is linked to her Paypal account. I became paranoid at that moment that I immediately changed my password.

Like her, my credit card is also linked to my account. I needed to link it to verify my account. This also allows me to make online credi card purchases without having to input my credit card details in merchant sites. I'd like to believe that it is a secure way to pay online.

A few days ago, another blogger friend shared that she also received a notification that she made an online purchase though she didn't really make one. She said that only a small amount was deducted from her Paypal funds. Still, for someone like me who's online earnings are processed through Paypal, a few dollars mean hours of research and tons of creative juices. It's still hard-earned money!

I'm still keeping my Paypal account because I have no other choice. All of my clients pay me through Paypal. All I can do right now is to be more vigilant by changing my password regularly. I also read articles not only about online hacking but also about rfid scanning or electronic pickpocketing. It's still best to be informed than sorry.

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