Magnolia Frozen Delights will make your summer cool!

We had a Magnolia Ice Cream man in our school when I was in grade school. Mang Mike, as we fondly call him, became a school icon of sorts and his name comes up every time I get a chance to chat with former classmates and schoolmates. I often bought Twin Popsies from him because it was the cheapest my measly allowance could afford. But when my budget allows me, I'd go for the Pinipig Crunch!


If you are a child of the 80s just like me, you'll definitely be familiar with Magnolia Ice Cream Frozen Delights. Magnolia Ice Cream is, once again, introducing its line of Frozen Delights this summer. I and my boys were blessed to have been invited to the Magnolia Ice Cream Summer Bloggers' Party held last Friday where we had the chance to taste these cool and yummy frozen treats!

2011-04-01 Magnolia Summer Bloggers Party Lowres (17)
My boys with their Magnolia Ice Cream Spinner cones and the
Magnolia Ice Cream gift checks they won in the raffle.

Five Magnolia Ice Cream Frozen Delights were introduced to us that night and these are:

  • Popsies Ice Lolly - Comes in "Choco Cool" and "Orange Chill" and which are sold at only Php 10 each.
  • Fun Bar Surprise - With "Cool Bubblegum", "Cotton Candy", and "Choco Loco" flavors which will surely be the fave of kids and kids at heart for only Php 10 each.
  • Sweetie Bites - Enjoy "Cookie Craze" annd "Cheesy Bliss" ice cream on sticks for only Php 11 each.
  • Pinipig Crunch - "Vanilla Crisp" and "Sweetcorn" coated ice cream with delightful rice crispies sold at Php 13 each.
  • Spinner - "Chocolate" and "Vanilla" ice cream cones with chocolate ripples sold for only Php 20.

Don't fret. You'll also get to taste these Magnolia Frozen Delights. Aside from getting them in you local supermarkets, you can also buy them from Magnolia Ice Cream peddlers who will be sporting this uniform:

2011-04-01 Magnolia Summer Bloggers Party Lowres (20)

So cool down this summer with Magnolia Ice Cream Frozen Delights. To be updated with their latest products, don't forget to visit the Magnolia Ice Cream website and the Magnolia Ice Cream Facebook page.

Check more of the photos from the party here.

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  1. wow, nice write up! I was using the same template before, but I switched ;) Too bad, wasn't able to meet you during the event :)

  2. di bale, will probably see you in future events. thanks for the visit! :)

  3. na miss ko bigla ang pinipig crunch


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