The 24-Hour Mommy: Baby birth announcements in this techie age


Baby birth announcements in this techie age

10:33 AM

Having lots of mommy friends, I have grown accustomed to receiving baby birth announcements. However, I noticed that baby birth announcements have also become more high-tech and innovative.

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Gone are the days when fathers give out cigars to male friends to announce the coming of a son. In this techie world, announcing it over the world wide web is just as good.

Here are some of the trends I noticed among my mommy and daddy friends:

  • Announcing through a Facebook post or a tweet
  • Posting newborn photos in social networks
  • Creating a digiscrap page of the new baby indicating the name, date, and time of birth
  • Posting a video or slide show of the baby's first photos on Youtube

Personally, I prefer these online birth announcements. They are less expensive yet, they are more convenient since almost everyone is on Facebook or Twitter.

What do you think? Have you received a unique online birth announcement from a friend or relative? I'd love to read about it!

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