Ace Water Spa,Our Experience

When CashCashPinoy offered discounted vouchers for Ace Water Spa in Banawe, I immediately bought 3 coupons. Instead of paying the usual Php 550 entrance fee, I only paid Php 299 for each of our tickets. I promised by boy that we'll bring him the weekend after his exams so we can both relax after the long stressful week. So last March 12, I and my boys drove all the way to Banawe, Quezon City to the first European concept spa in the country.

No cameras allowed inside. This photo was taken while
we were enjoying our free soup in their cafe.

After surrendering the print-outs of our vouchers to the receptionist, we went to the changing/shower rooms. We were given keys for our lockers and swimming caps, too. After changing to my swimwear and showering, I proceeded to the pool here I met up with the boys (women's and men's changing rooms are separate from each other).

We first swam in the lazy river while lying on rubber pads that wee provided in the place. I wanted to try the lap pool but it was reserved for the swimming class in the first few hours that we were there. After that, we went on to discover each of the hydrotherapy massage spots in the spa pool.

I personally loved the Head and Shoulder massage because my shoulders were aching from all the reviewers I made for Rap's exam. I even thought of buying a shoulder brace to help alleviate the pain. The pressurized water falling on my shoulders did help a lot in making me feel better. Rap loved the hydro buoyancy sections because it made him float on water while Dadijun spent so much time in the Rainfall Acupunture area.

Then we went on to dip in the hot herbal pools. Children younger than 12 years old are not allowed in the area. But when we saw some older kids dipping in the pool with their parents, I also told Rap to go with Dadijun in the men's herbal pools. He also went with us to the sauna.

Dadijun promised that we'll come back once my mother-in-law is here. The pools are actually good for older swimmers because the warm water is very therapeutic. I'm glad to know that the Ace Water Spa Pasig branch will be opening soon.

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  1. My daughter and I were in Ace Water Spa in Pasig last week, and we enjoyed it immensely!  We both had so much fun just fooling around in the warm water.    The different massages were relaxing.  I didn't get to the hot herbal pool, though

  2. I've been meaning to visit Ace Water Spa in Pasig but I haven't got the time yet. That's the branch nearest to us pa naman. Is it better there?


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