Chlorella Growth Factor is more than a growth enhancer

Below is a photo of me and my boy shot during his Recognition Day a few days ago:

He's just ten years old and he's almost as tall as my five foot frame. I am actually happy of the thought that he may grow as tall as his uncles. Let's admit it. In our society, height is a big issue for men.

I have been giving Rap his chlorella growth factor (CGF) vitamin supplements since preschool. We've actually tried both Cherifer and Growee which both has the chlorella growth factor. However, as my boy got older, he liked the taste of Cherifer syrup more than that of Growee. Cherifer is a bit more expensive, though. Nevertheless, we may still continue giving him Cherifer because the brand is also available in capsules for tweens and teenagers.

But do you know that chlorella growth factor is more than a growth enhancer? More than helping our kids get taller each day, chlorella growth factor comes from the single-celled chlorella algae that helps the body take in more chlorophyll to cleanse the blood, strengthen immunity, and repair tissues. Once extracted inside the body, chlorella growth factor provides the body with natural energy to rebuild cells which also boosts growth.

There's a running joke inside our home that my husband and I may be speaking to our son with our heads up in a few years. Well, I do hope so. My youngest brother, who's also got his fair share of CGF is around 5'10". Never mind if I need to shop for library step stools where I can stand on as long as my boy grows as tall as his maximum height potential.

Are your kids also taking chlorella growth factor supplements? How is it working for them?

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  1. my youngest son is taking cherifer with cgf too :) it also enhances his appetite

  2. swerte ng kids ngayon 'no? how I wish my mom also gave me cherifer. baka sakaling tumangkad pa ako ng konti.


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