What Does Your Yaya Wear?

I used to have a yaya (babysitter) helping me take care of my boy when he was still younger and more playful. Although I did not work during that time, our yaya helped me a lot in keeping my mind sane. I was a happy young housewife because of her; I had time for gardening, reading, and cooking. And it's not because I didn't like taking care of my boy. It just felt great that, at least, I had someone looking after him as I do other tasks. Tita Janet, (my boy calls our househelps tito or tita) stayed with us until Rap was four. The whole four years she was with us, she never wore a yaya uniform.

I'm seeing a lot of babysitters here in Metro Manila wearing nursing scrubs and I find it okay. I think it's even better than having yaya wear the usual dress/maid's uniform that some househelpers are using. For one, it becomes more convenient running after naughty little tots in the mall wearing scrubs.

Some people think having yayas wear uniforms or scrubs as a status symbol that their employers want to show. Although my former yaya did not wear a uniform, I'm thinking that this is not always the case. Some maids in our village prefer to wear a uniform because it saves them from having to buy their own work clothes. Other moms, on the other hand, prefer having their yayas wear scrubs to avoid having them wearing sexy clothes or skimpy shorts. They have a point, you know.

Then again, I read in forums that some nurses resent the idea of yayas wearing scrub tops and pants. Oh well, to each his own. As for me, if I can afford it and my yaya is ok with it, then she'll have her scrubs.

How about you? What does your yaya wear? How do you feel about yayas wearing scrubs?

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  1. sa province hindi uso ang uniform parang degrade sa kanila yun they wear casual only

  2. dito sa province hindi uso ang uniform feeling kasi ng iba sobrang yaman ng amo and yun ang ayw ng mga employer ang masabihan ng mayaman

  3. mau, baka rap's ex yaya is out of work, i need one badly :)

  4. naku, mel. nag-asawa na at nasa province. :(

  5. Uniform. White blouse and black pants for ordinary time, 
    White blouse and black skirt for special events.

    She's young (18) and dislikes it, but I want her to look good and represantative in clothing.

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