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Bloghopping at midnight got me stumbling upon a Christmas post of a dear high school friend. I didn't know he'll blog about us bumping into each other at the supermarket hours before Noche Buena last year. We didn't get to talk much to each other that day. I figured he was as busy as I was that day so we just exchanged small talk. I wish we had longer time to talk and catch up. He's one of the best people I've known since high school.

Makoy, thank you for the kind words. I was really serious when I told you that I loved your new aura. I was so happy to see you looking more happier with life. Yes, I knew you were with someone special that day. Why would you even be buying food if you're celebrating Christmas Eve alone? I forgive you for not introducing her to me but you have to introduce us to each other soon. Don't worry, I won't ask when you'll be settling down, hehehe. It is also my wish that we'd reconnect just like the old times. I miss you, my friend. You know I'm just a text/email away.

I was just so inspired to write after reading his post. It made me feel special. In all these years, I kept my distance to give him his much needed space. I knew he wanted space the moment I discovered that he's no longer linked to any of my social networks. But I picked up bits and pieces of his soul through his writings as what I did tonight. I hope I won't be this distant anymore and that we'll reconnect with each other soon.

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