The Go Go Kabongo! Online Reading Program

It's just a few weeks before the school year ends in my son's school and I'm now busy scouting for activities that he can do during the summer. He has already chosen to study piano and Kumon. I am now looking for an online learning program that he can do at home while I also busy myself with my online tasks. It has been convenient for me to write when he's in school because there are no distractions to my train of thought. I don't want him to just spend idle time on the computer.

In my search for online learning games for kids, I came across the Go Go Kabongo! site. This online learning program specifically caters to the reading needs of children 4 to 7 years old. Learning reading has been integrated into various games that are programmed in different habitats (game environments). Each habitat has different entertaining games that aim in improving a young child's key skills in reading.

Take for example this first habitat, Laughter Lake, which subscribers can get for free just by signing up. By the way, signing up is now made easy with Facebook Connect. :)

Game 1 is called Critter Sizer where kids' attention and focus and vocabulary skills are developed by relating the number of syllables in an animal's name to its actual size.

Game 2, called Scuba Dude develops successive processing, working memory, and visual scanning while kids collect underwater treasures according to a sequenced specified in the game.

Lastly Game 3, which is called Going Buggy, aims to develop comprehension, visualization, and simultaneous processing skills by letting the child recreate the scene after listening to its story.

Cool, huh! This program is definitely a perfect supplement in my reading tutorial classes. The remaining habitats are priced at only $4.95 each which is so cheap with our current peso-dollar exchange rate. Check out for more details on the game if you're interested.

This is a sponsored post.

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