Fitting Girls Buckle-up Shoes

I remember I always had buckle-up shoes as a young girl. These are the kind of girls shoes with straps. I think I've had all styles of these buckle-up shoes - from the one with the leather strap in the middle to the one with two straps, and to the simpler one with just one strap. I even wore Kung Fu shoes! Ever got one of those?

Who knew that there's a lot of things to remember in fitting girls buckle-up shoes? Since I don't have my own baby girl yet, I'm showing this video to my sister and to the moms out there who have cute little girls. Please see the video below:

See what I'm talking about?

As moms, we should remember that comfort comes first especially in buying shoes for our kids. Shoes that are too small are not only uncomfortable but they can also cause corns and calluses to your kid's feet just as what adult feet would get from wearing shoes that are not fitted well. If the shoes are too big, the shoes might just slip off their feet while moving around doing their daily routine at home and in school. This would also encourage your child to slide his/her feet while walking just to keep the feet from slipping off the shoes. This is not only bad for the posture but it would also wear the soles of the shoes faster.

Hope you find this post useful!

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