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11 Years

10:52 PM

At exactly 1:00 p.m. tomorrow, my husband and I will be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary. Since we'll be spending the weekend away from home, I'm taking this chance to tell the world how grateful and contended I am that the Lord has given me the perfect partner.

I haven't run out of my "thank you's" yet because, everyday, he always gives me something to be thankful for. This is despite me being not perfect in all ways. Honestly, my husband is the more affectionate one. He never fails to give me hugs, kisses, and "I love you's" even when I am at my grumpiest. He never runs out of praises for me and he tells me I'm beautiful even when I know that I look like an elephant in house clothes.

I have so many plans of paying back all the great things that my husband does for me and my boy. I even plan to buy him the huge LED TV of his dreams or a sporty ATV with cool polaris rzr accessories for his newly-regained work-free weekends. But for now, I hope my love and gratitude would be enough.

I love you more, Dadijun. I'm still glad it was you.

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  1. belated happy anniv! wow, my hubby and i have a looong way to go. cheers to more years of marital bliss!


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