PNoy buys a Porsche

There was quite an uproar among some Filipinos both here and abroad about President Noynoy Aquino's recent purchase of a "third-hand," entry level, white Porsche. Apparently, PNoy sold his BMW to provide funds for this 4.5 million peso purchase.

I'm kinda feeling 50/50 on the issue. I think that it is the President's right to buy anything as long as he can afford it and he uses his own personal money to pay for it. My personal financial rule is to never spend beyond my means. He defends himself by saying that he wants to relax at times and driving a Porsche could be relaxing for him.

When I splurge on something for myself or for my family, it either means I actually saved up for it or I got it on a monthly installment plan which I can afford. And when I buy or spend on something, I go all the way because I know I worked hard and prepared for it. If I had money to spare, then, I wouldn't think twice of buying the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado I saw online.

Then again, unlike me, the President is not a private individual at least until 2016. I would have cared less if he bought a luxury car after his term ends. Although he is not expected to provide for the poor in the country using his personal money, he could have shown sympathy for the poor by living a more simple and practical lifestyle.

In the meantime, I better go back to my projects so I can finally afford the brake job that I think my Honda needs. Now I'm wondering if Dallas auto repairs are cheaper than ours here because I know of a friend in that area who maintains three trucks. Well, at least I know he can afford to keep them all.

Now back to the President... What's your take on this? Do you share my sentiments about PNoy's new toy?

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