White Chocolate Chip Cookies by Rap

I'm sharing with you my boy's baking video which is his Work Education project this term. Actually, the class was asked to cook a nutritious snack with the family, take pictures of the activity, and report about it. My boy, however, was asked by his teacher to tape a video of what he'll be doing.

We had so much baking and taping this video. My son was giggling all the time. My mother-in-law and I helped him with the preparation of the ingredients but he did almost all of the work himself. The cookies were a hit in class that we were asked to bake a new batch as my boy's blowout for the whole class. (He's Top 1 for this term.)

These cookies taste yummy even after a few days. Just keep them in a container inside the refrigerator and it can last until two weeks. In our household, 2 dozens of cookies are only good for a week, haha! Nope, I don't eat too much of these because they're loaded with butter and sugar. You better look for the most effective weight loss diet pills if you plan on munching a dozen of these.

Easy 'no? Hope you try baking these with your kids soon!

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