Care to share your plans for 2011? (Sunpiology 2011 Pursuits Journal Give-away!)

This early, I'm assuming that I'll have my hands full this 2011. I have so many writing projects to focus on and I'm also planning to write more informative entries for my blogs. Apart from these, I will also devote more time for baking and cooking and also for my Wii Fit routines. I also plan to save more bucks for the rainy days and to have a closer relationship with God.

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Too much activities make me feel overwhelmed at times. However, I keep track of everything by keeping a planner. I even color-code my notes just to keep it more organized. For example, I use a green pen to take note of my work-related activities, a blue pen for blog writing tasks and events, and orange for my personal tasks.

Care to share your plans for 2011? How are you planning to accomplish all of them? Share your plans and you might just win Piolo Pacual's Sunpiology 2011 Pursuits Journal! Two ways to get raffle points for this give-away:

  1. Earn 1 raffle point by commenting to this post and completing the sentence: "This 2011, I plan to __________ because __________." (Please leave your name and email address so I can contact you if ever you win.)
  2. Earn 1 raffle point by posting your answer in our Facebook wall and tagging The 24 Hour Mommy with this sentence: "@The 24 Hour Mommy, I plan to ________ this 2011 because ____________." Just be sure that you're a fan and that your post's privacy setting is set to "Everyone" so it will appear in the fan page's wall.

This give-away is open only to readers residing in the Philippines. Each commenter is only allowed to post 1 blog comment and/or 1 Facebook tag. I'm going to pick the winner through and will ship the prize via courier. I'll be accepting entries until 11:59 p.m. of December 31, 2010 and will post the name of the winner on New Year's Day.

I can't wait to read about your plans for the coming year!

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  1. "This 2011, I plan to prioritize my family activities and quality moments because it's a must for me."

    I may have been overworked and loaded with extra curricular activities last year so this year i want to organize my activities and prioritize family related ones.

    Feigh Maniago

  2. "This 2011, I plan to go out more often with my son and hubby because we didn't have the chance to do that in 2010, and as 2011 will come, i want to have more bonding time with them, since our little boy is growing fast, i might missed this moment where i can embrace him always, make karga to him even if his too heavy.. laugh with them, run with the little boy everywhere.. i don't want to miss that moments..."

    Josephine Gregorio

  3. This 2011, I plan to trim my FB hours because I feel like I've been missing a lot ignoring worthwhile outdoor activities with my family and friends. I'll be going out more next year! My 2011 screams for me to SOCIALIZE:)

    drewlexdeck @

  4. This 2011, I plan to gain more knowledge in investing by attending wealth courses because I really want to have financial freedom and eventually teach the same to my children.

    Trish Lopez

  5. "This 2011, I plan to maximize my time wisely by doing the tasks and chores I need to do first before facing time-wasting tasks because not only can I do more, I can also do better."

    Happy New Year to you and yours Mauie :)

  6. This 2011, I plan to capture more photos & videos of our 6-month old baby because I can't afford to blink :)

    Cheng Guzman-Duran

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