2010, The Year That Was

The year 2010 has been good to me to say the least. I can say that I went through a couple of hardships this year but everything taught me one or two lessons along the way. Although this year has not been as bountiful as the past few years we have had, there wasn't one instance that the Lord failed to provide what we needed. For that, I am truly grateful.

In 2010, I was able to finally learn how to bake after buying my very first oven with my blogging income. I was also able to travel to Bohol and Bacolod City with my family. During the summer, we used part of our savings to renovate our home and we were able to make it a little bit bigger than it was. It was also during the same time that I got introduced to cultivating wheat grass and drinking its freshly squeezed juice.

This 2010, was also a year of milestones for this blog. This year was the first year that I started launching contests and give-aways. By doing so, I gained new blog followers and new online friends, too! As of this writing, The 24 Hour Mommy has 594 Facebook fans, woot! Thanks to everyone for supporting this blog.

This year, I also started to write advocacy posts such as the breastfeeding series for UNICEF and web safety posts for Web Safety Philippines. Career-wise, I saw myself going up a step higher as I assumed the post of Contributing Editor for WikiHealth.

2010 was full of ups and downs. But you know me, I'm never the half-glass empty kind of gal. I always try to look at the positive side of things. The other night, I watched Bro. Bo Sanchez talk on TV about positivity and how everything, however bad it may seem, is a blessing. So I'm looking forward to 2011 with eagerness to embrace all the positive vibes from the universe! Who knows, this new positive vibe may finally get me the apple bottom skinny jeans I so wanna fit into, LOL!

But kidding aside,I want to take this opportunity to thank you my dear readers. You are all blessings to me. May the good Lord also shower you with all the blessing that you have showered upon me. Happy New Year and may you have all the things that you are wishing for this coming year!

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