Be Careful, Santa!

Because this year, my boy's gonna be extra watchful. He did not even prepare a letter for you because he believes that he can tell you his wish through prayers since you were a bishop. Actually, I would like to warn your helpful elves, too. My boy expects them to be the ones to deliver your gift because you'll be super busy come Christmas Eve, for sure. He told me he'll be checking every nook and cranny just to catch you guys. So be careful, Santa. My boy just might finally meet you in the flesh this Christmas Eve!

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Obviously, my boy is excited to receive his gift from Santa. Yes, he did not write a letter but he told me what he wanted from Santa this Christmas. He thought that, with two of us praying to Saint Nicholas, his wish will be granted. I expect my boy to be waiting for Santa and his elves tomorrow night. I'm sure he'll have a grand time spying on Santa even without a nikon spotting scope to help him catch the poor old, white-bearded man in red.

Are your kids anxious to catch Santa, too?

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