Our "Spoiled" Dogs

When I posted this photo in my Facebook wall, a lot of friends thought we've gone all the way in spoiling our dogs. The dogs have a small fan that we switch on during the hot afternoons. Is this considered spoiling? I don't think so. Like humans, dogs also suffer from the hot and humid weather we're having most of the time.

One time, the heat was too much that Bronson almost died. His eyes turned red and he was twisting his body. The vet told us that it was heat stroke. Fortunately, we were able to revive him just by showering him with water from the garden hose and letting him drink iced water. From then on, we give them iced water in the afternoon and have a small fan switched on for their use. We have one more dog, by the way. An Aspin we call Musmos who's a year older than Bronson.

Both of our dogs are short-haired. It's not because I dread buying pet grooming supplies for our pets but because I know I don't have much time grooming them. Besides, I think furrier dogs would need an airconditioned room during the hot days. Obviously, I could not afford that.

Our dogs do not eat dry dog food. Instead, I allot a weekly budget for them and buy fresh ground meat in the market. Then, the houseboy (who has become their nanny of sorts) cooks it and mixes it with rice. I am also too busy to that so when the houseboy went to the province for a vacation, I went to the nearby wholesale pet supply store to buy canned dog food and mix it with rice.

We care for our pets like how we care for our son. They are like our four-legged kids. If giving them more than just dog products is already considered spoiling, then, so be it. As long as we can afford what we give them, so be it. I know they love us as much as we love them.

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  1. From one dog lover to another, Great Job on this post! :)


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