Happy First Month, Tiki!

Today, my lovely baby niece turns one month old! Isn't she a cutie? She's the newest darling in the family as my parents do not have a granddaughter yet. Actually, Tiki's the first granddaughter in my brother-in-law's side of the family, too. That makes her so adorable to everyone including me. Argh! I want to have a baby girl so badly! Now na! As in! Hahaha!

Tiki is getting bigger every day that most relatives think she looks like a five-month old baby already. The new dad has been complaining of how heavier she has become in the past few weeks. At least, his muscles will get bigger from all the carrying he's been doing. It appears that carrying Tiki has the same body building effect as tonalin cla!

Today, I wish her good health. I also pray that she'll grow up to be as smart as her Kuya Rap and Kuya Clyde. Lastly, I wish that she'll give my sister more sleepless nights so that she can finally repay all our mom's sacrifices. (Serves her right for not giving me the Carbonara that she cooked today for their mini-celebration,LOL!)

Happy One Month Birthday, Tiki Girl! Wavyu!

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