The 24-Hour Mommy: I'm a Human Nature Dealer


I'm a Human Nature Dealer

10:31 PM

Finally, I signed up as a dealer of Human Nature products. After almost a year of using their products, I am ready to spread the advocacy of using organic and Filipino-made products to others. Initially, I just wanted to become a dealer so that I can enjoy at least 20% discount off my personal purchase. However, my sister and other girl friends began ordering from me which sort of convinced me that I can also earn from it.

Human Nature has the best hair loss products. I use the strengthening shampoo because I have fine hair. Hair loss has significantly decreased after I started using this product.

I paid 825 pesos for my registration which included Human Nature products worth more than a thousand pesos. I just submitted my scanned form through email and paid the amount through GCash. Then, I received my dealer kit the following day. It was just as easy and speedy as that.

Let me know if you also want to be a dealer of Human Nature products. Let us spread the good news about these products and Gandang Kalikasan, the company behind them, for being Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor, and Pro-Environment.

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  1. Welcome to the club! their products are really good. :)

  2. Would like to know about attending a seminar on Human Nature products and to be a distributor.  

    Antipolo City   

  3. Hi, Maribel. I, myself, have not attended a Human Nature seminar before I became a distributor. I just downloaded the manual from the Human Nature website. You will find everything you need here:

  4. Hi i just want to ask how gcash works


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