Slowly drifting away

My husband says that my son and I have a closer relationship compared to what they have. He says that we agree on most things. Well, I could agree with that totally if he said that a few years ago. Before, we would talk about everything under the sun. We would laugh about the simplest jokes, watch TV, and read books together.

Now, there are some things he reserves for his dad and there are things that he shares with his friends. I don't even understand what he says sometimes. One time, I felt I looked stupid when he pointed out the big difference between a rack mount PC and a PC mounted on a rack. Ha! I bet you also thought they're the same, don't you?

Oh, well. We can't stop them from growing up and slowly drifting away from us, can't we. I still can't help feeling sad.

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  1. I think I learn different things from my parents, in different ways. Same with friends. I don't think it's a matter, necessarily of being "closer" to either; just a difference in how we look at the relationship. :-)

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