How To Raise Kids Who Care

Back in July, I saw that photo of a girl holding a large cabbage that grew in her home's backyard garden. But the large cabbage is not the only thing that's amazing in her story, what's truly unbelievable is that she grew the vegetables in her garden to feed the homeless.

Katie Stagliano of Summerville, South Carolina, USA, started her own non-profit organization she called Katie's Krops. Together with her family, classmates, and volunteers in her community, she grew vegetables that were donated in soup kitchens which fed the homeless in her hometown. Her mom is moved and is beaming with pride. She relates, "I say to her, 'I hope some day when you are a parent, you have a kid who is as amazing as you so you can see it from a mom's perspective.'"

You can also encourage your kids to be as unselfish and caring as Katie by doing these:

  • Talk to your child about caring for others. Share your observations about children in the streets or the beggars asking for alms. That way, you will also get to discover what he/she feels about them.
  • Use holidays or special family occasions as opportunities to help others. For example, you can ask your kids to collect their old toys once the "ber" months sets in so they can donate them to the needy come Christmastime.
  • Expose your child to different living conditions and environments. Show him/her that other kids do not enjoy the same comforts that he/she has. It will not only teach him/her to be more appreciative of what he/she has but also to think about ways to help bring comfort to other people.
  • Teach by doing. Actions speak louder than words. Show that you care for others through the things that you do everyday like getting along with the househelp or your co-workers.
No one is too young to help others in need. Start training your kids to be caring individuals as early as now.

The tips that I shared here are from an article written by Becky Kho entitled "Children who care" which was published in the September 2001 issue of Good Housekeeping Philippines.

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