BREASTFEEDING SERIES No. 2: Common Breastfeeding Concerns

Since my sister is giving birth to her first-born this month, I'm helping educate her on breastfeeding by writing about it all Mondays of October. And as promised, one lucky reader will receive a pretty Next9 Nursing Cover and a Lactacyd Baby Bath gift pack! Raffle contest details at the end of this post.

After giving birth, moms start breastfeeding their babies. But not all of them will breastfeed for long. Often, it's not the schedule that's the problem but the problems and discomforts that discourage mom from continuing breastfeeding.

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By learning to identify the symptoms of common breastfeeding problems, you'll be able to quickly overcome them or find ways to cope. That way, your baby will enjoy the benefits of your breast milk longer without your having the ouchie.

  1. Having inverted or flat nipples. Do not fret because there are special nipple cups known as breast shells that help draw nipples out. They can be worn between feedings. Also, you can opt to pump or express milk which help make the nipples more erect. Remember not to roll, twist, or pull on your nipple unless you want to cause nipple trauma.
  2. Engorgement. This happens when enough milk is not removed because of skip feeding or limited feeding time. You can wear a supportive bra (but not underwire bras)to help lessen the discomfort. To make it easier for your baby to latch, you can massage your breasts to promote milk flow or place hot washcloths on your breasts. To prevent fullness, try not to skip feed and establish a feeding schedule based on your baby's demand.
  3. Sore nipples. Prevent having sore nipples by establish a good latch on. Try different positions until both you and your baby are comfortable. After feeding, allow your nipples to air dry completely. Do not use breast creams. Instead, you can try applying a small amount of pure anhydrous lanolin to your nipples. Change nursing pads frequently if you are wearing them.
  4. Thrush. Itching, flaking, redness, and in some cases, white patches, may happen several weeks or months after successful breastfeeding. When this happens, seek medical help. Boil all items that come in contact with your baby's mouth and be extra careful in washing bra pads and bras. Keep the breasts dry as much as possible.
  5. Decreased milk supply. The more you nurse your baby, the more milk you will produce. While establishing a feeding schedule, make sure to nurture yourself by drinking plenty of fluids and eating a balanced diet.
  6. Plugged ducts. When milk ducts become clogged, you may feel a hard, lumpy, painful area in your breast. Nurse your baby more often so as not to leave milk in the breasts between feedings. Apply warm, moist towels to your breasts before feeding to help alleviate the pain. You can also massage your breasts while your baby breastfeeds.

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Reference: Breastfeeding informational flyer developed by the DOH, WHO, and SM Supermalls.

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