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Have you watched the 2nd episode of Glee Season 2? One of the cheerleader Glee members, Santana, ordered the school dentist to do a dental treatment on her even she didn't need to have one. She insisted that her family's medical insurance can pay for the treatment. After watching, I suddenly remembered that it's time for my dental prophylaxis and made a note to myself to schedule one for me and the boys right away.

Our medical insurance plan is provided by my husband's employer. We just changed health plans that's why I still haven't had our dental prophylaxis scheduled since we need to change dentists. Since my son and I are only dependents, our health plan is limited compared to my husband. This is why I am also looking for a health insurance with pre existing medical conditions like the previous medical insurance that we had. Before, I can reimburse my diabetic maintenance medicines and lab tests but I cannot possibly do it now.

Another option for me is to just get an affordable health insurance temporary plan even only for a year or two until our existing health plan is changed. That way, lab tests for my pre existing medical condition will be covered.  This option is less expensive too so I think I can handle paying this out of my own pocket.

Do you have a medical insurance? I hope you do even if it's only one that is issued by yours or your spouse's employers. In these hard times, no one can afford to get sick all of a sudden because, when this happens, all of the other priorities become affected. Having a medical insurance, even if it's not one that offers a major medical coverage, helps lessen the impact of the family's finances.   There are lots of affordable medical insurance plans in the market today.  I'm sure you'll find one that will suit your budget.

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