Problems With Teenage Acne?

I'd like too think that I'm blessed with good skin when I was a teenager. I'd seldom have breakouts and, if I ever had pimples, it would only be a few days before my period. My husband, on the other hand, tells me that he had a huge problem with acne when he was a teen. I'm kinda scared for my boy upon hearing this because acne seems to be hereditary. He'll be a teen in 3 years.

Why do teens get acne? Acne happens when bacteria invade the pores of an already oily skin pore. Having oily skin during the teenage years is an obvious after-effect of puberty. It becomes disastrous when partnered with poor hygiene, lack of nutritious foods, and stress.

So if you were to ask me about tips on how to get rid of acne fast, here are some pointers I'll share with you:

  • Keep the skin clean at all times. It doesn't mean that you'll ask your teen to wash his/her face all the time because frequent washing can also trigger acne breakouts. Twice or thrice a day with a mild or hypoallergenic cleanser is enough just to reduce the oiliness in the skin. In college, I'd always bring with me a small tube of facial wash and a convenient bottle of moisturizer and wash my face upon reaching school after my long commute from home. Also, remind your teen to avoid touching his/her face with dirty hands, hankies, or towels. Hair strands should be kept away from the face, too.
  • Eat a balanced diet. Avoid oily foods and stock up on fibrous and juicy fruits. Some kids get acne breakouts after eating chocolate and nuts while some don't. So to be safe, just avoid the junk food and eat healthier alternatives.
  • Sleep well and have more relaxing hours. Since pimples are inflammations in the skin's pores, the body needs to rest so that it can help heal itself. No to sleeping late. Reduce your teen's stress by giving them ample time to relax before going doing school work. Most importantly, be a friend and talk and laugh with your teen!
  • Moisturize. The skin should still be moisturized even when it's already oily. I have two different facial moisturizers. The cream-based one I put on at night and the lighter water-based one I put on during the day because I noticed that my skin's oilier during the day. Celeteque's Facial Moisturizer is water-based, oil-free, fragrance free, and hypo-allergenic. Just perfect for young teenage skin.

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