Termite Problem Solved!

Our home was built in 2006 and we have been living here for 4 years. Imagine my dismay when we saw this pesky termite gnawing away my gorgeous wooden staircase!

Apparently, there were more from where that one came from. So we had the staircase's wooden planks removed and replaced which cost us around 10 thousand pesos inclusive of materials and labor. After the repair work was done, we called up Topbest Pest Services, Inc. and had a free inspection scheduled. The next working day after the inspection, we were sent a quotation through email and we found it to be reasonably priced. A contract was furnished and an installation schedule was agreed upon.

Last weekend, 6 days after the initial inspection, a Topbest pest control technician came in and installed termite baits inside my storage area which was under the damaged staircase.

See the termite trails near the boxes that were installed? As it appears, the termites have also started to invade the storage closet and I'm glad we were able to save the boxes of stuff that were kept in there. Unlike traditional termite control methods, the Sentricon System that Topbest uses does not use liquid chemicals which are usually sprayed all over the house. The boxes (referred to as Recruit AG baits in our contract) are filled with bait mixture that are designed to recruit the worker termites and bring the poisoned "food" into their colony to feed the queen termite and the other members.

It's quite logical isn't it? Actually, what scared me most about termite control was the vision of us holed up in a budget hotel for days while we wait for the smell of the sprayed chemicals to fade. With this method, we did not need to leave the house. The installation was even done in less than an hour. In fact, much of the time spent by the technician inside our home was during the final inspection before installing the boxes. If you are interested in inquiring about Topbest's Sentricon System, you can visit Topbest.com.ph and fill up the Free Inspection form. Their contact numbers, both landline and wireless, are also posted within the site.

At last, I can now check the box beside "Termite Control" along with life insurance and health insurance plans for the family and the fire insurance plan for our home in my priority list. We learned the lesson the hard and costly way. I hope your home is also protected from termites.

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