Rap's New Veggie Discovery - Spinach

My son is a picky eater and he seldom eats vegetables. Uhm... ok, the frequency is actually in between NEVER and SELDOM. His choices of veggies only revolve around kangkong, asparagus, chinese cabbage, and malunggay. In other words, my boy can survive on green leafy vegetables.

A few days ago, I was surprised to hear from him that he bought crispy spinach for lunch in school. I guess, it's like the Crispy Kangkong I cook for him often. By the way, I commend their school administration this year for totally banning junk food and soda pop in the school canteen. That's what made me allow my boy to have lunch money so that his meal will be warmer and yummier.

My boy loves fish and soupy dishes. So when we ate out at Savory Restaurant after one of his singing engagements, I chose to have the Seafood Spinach Soup served for us. I thought that my boy would push his bowl away after seeing the soup all thick and greenish but he gamely took a sip and finished off his bowl right after. It is truly yummy and healthy. But don't have too much of this unless you want to browse through diet pill reviews after. I'm sure this one is loaded with cornstarch basing on its thick consistency.

So there goes one more dish in my son's limited fave dish list. I'm now thinking of more spinach dish recipes that I can whip up at home while spinach is still in his like list. ;-)

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