Setting my priorities straight

Today, I wrote a former client to say that I can't accept the job that's being offered to me. As much as I want the extra moolah, it dawned on me that I might be spending all of my waking hours in front of the computer. I'm a 24-hour mommy, first and foremost, and I reminded myself that writing is just my sideline. I know that I shouldn't grab more than I can chew unless I want the other aspects of my life, including my family, to suffer.

You may think that I am writing this piece just to assure myself that there'll be more writing jobs for me after the one I declined. Yes, perhaps, this is the way I console myself over the loss of an earning opportunity. But life is short and children grow up so fast that I don't want to miss ever second of my boy's growing up years. I can multi-task, yes, but I know that that wouldn't be fair. Such is my dilemma. Oh, how I salute all working moms. If a work-at-home mom like me has this much to think about, what more about the other moms who go to the office each day (or night)?

I'm now back to researching about adult acne solutions. But this is only after the four hours I spent cooking my son's merienda, chatting with him, and tutoring him for his two quizzes tomorrow. I may not have earned extra money today, but I know that I have earned tons of love from the boy who's now fast asleep in his bed, all happy and ready for another challenging day.

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