Writer's Block

See my last post? It says May 4, 2010. Sad. I haven't written blog posts in more than a week now. I know I owe you big time because of that. This is what happens to me when I go on a long vacation. My being needs to be trained to go back to my daily grind once again. I'm just lucky that my writing workload upon our return from Bacolod was light or else I'd be fired for sure.

This is a shot from the Ruins, an old mansion in Talisay City, Negros Occidental.

(Look at me in that photo. I think you'll agree that I need to get on the treadmill for hours now. Gah! It's the Chicken Inasal's fault I'm telling you!)

Still, nothing beats the eight days that I spent going around different towns in Negros Occidental (five days of the eight without Internet). I was able to read the e-books I uploaded on my phone. My son and I were able to tell stories to one another for hours. I was able to commune with nature once again. It was one of the simplest, yet, happiest vacations of my life.

This writer's block will pass, I promise. I'm slowly pushing myself back to the daily grind.

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  1. Yes sis, it will pass. At mukhang enjoy na enjoy ka sa bakasyon mo ah... Family bonding talaga.

    As for me, pregnancy block yata... may ganun ba? hehe....


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