Home-made Halo-halo

While people from the other side of the globe spend their afternoons in hot tubs with flashy spa covers, we Filipinos are drenched in sweat because of the extreme summer heat. This is the reason why I bought an ice shaver during the weekend so that we can have our own homemade refreshing halo-halo anytime we want to.

Last Tuesday, I passed by SM Megamall's supermarket to buy some halo-halo ingredients. Luckily, there are bottles that already have an assortment of halo-halo ingredients. I bought a big jar which cost around 60 pesos, a jar of ube halaya, and a can of evaporated milk. Then, I bought some gelatin and sago (tapioca pearls) at the takal section of the supermarket. After paying for all of those, I was off to the third floor to buy 2 slices of leche flan from Goldilocks.

The boys and my mother-in-law were as excited as I am to be making our own halo-halo at home. Rap enjoyed winding the knob that shaves the ice to make crushed ice. By the way, the manual plastic ice shaver (Mega brand) was bought for only 350 pesos. Not bad at all since we can now easily make iced desserts using the ice shaver.

Want to have some? Too bad I can only virtually share a glass with you!

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  1. Oh my! Isn't that an ideal thirst quenching drink?!! Interesting!

    Hi, dropping by from blog hopping, have a wonderful day to you!


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