Star of The Day!

It's late already and I'm still not sleepy. I still can't get over the fact that I witnessed how my son gave his best performance to date. I am so happy that the decision to enroll him at the Center for Pop Philippines is all worth it.

The practicum event is usually given during the middle of the course. Rap is already on his 13th session at the Center for Pop SM Megamall branch and he has already shown amazing improvements when it comes to stage performance and confidence.

For all his efforts, he was awarded the most prestigious award of the day, the Star of the Day award, along with 3 other awards namely Best in Stress, Best in Stage Performance, and Most Applauded. I'm still waiting for the videos to finish uploading in YouTube. But if you have time, kindly watch him sing by visiting my YouTube channel,

Bye for now. I have to go back to my apidexin research work.:)

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  1. Mau, you must be one proud mama mia! Woohoo. Congrats kay Rap. :)

    PS. Kanino ba nagmana? Kay hubby mo o sa iyo? Hehehe.

  2. Frances, sa akin nagmana syempre, hahaha!

  3. hehehe! I can hear hubby contradicting me when I say something like that about Miguel. Siempre! *apir*


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