We're done with the renovations!

After six weeks of chaos and disarray, our home renovation project is done. This is one of the many things that kept me busy these days that I wasn't able to update this blog more often. My new kitchen is set up complete with a bar and the oven I saved up for. We still need to order the glass shelf and cover for the bar's showcase.


The pocket garden that we envisioned in our dining area is also finished but you won't see it in this photo yet.


Mandaue Foam had a sale last month that we were able to get the shelf divider for only 6,000 pesos. The flower arrangement wasn't cheap, though. We got that from SM. You can also see the the 7,000 peso custom-made couch I blogged about in March. Again, it's from Mandaue Foam.


And lastly, my personal favorite, the coffee table set which cost as much as the shelf divider and the couch combined. It's made of kamagong and I think the price is worth it.


After this project, we're planning on renovating our bathrooms. I'm thinking of installing a bathtub in our bathroom and a closed shower in the common bathroom. I might also have the sinks replaced but all of these will be for next summer.

With the renovations done, our home is more orderly and I can now concentrate on my writing tasks. Seeing how pretty our design came out inspires me to keep my home spic and span at all times. The landscaper has just finished designing our garden and the pocket gardens in our dining area and garage. I'm going to post pictures soon, I promise.

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