Do you remember MacGyver?

The 14th episode of Glee started this week and I was glued to the television set once again. I'm not much of a TV buff but once I have favorites, I never try to miss an episode. One such show is MacGyver. Do you still remember this show?

I'm such a fan Angus MacGyver, the secret agent cum scientist who is known for his resourcefulness in using everyday things to create the extraordinary. He's never without a duct tape and his Swiss knife that it became my habit, too. When I don't have a roll of sticky tape in my bag, I have a tube of super glue ready, haha! I remember an episode where he solved the case of an unidentified human skull by using clay and pencil erasers. Now, that's what I call ingeniuity!

MacGyver probably inspired me to apply for an Electrical Engineering course for college. My mother naturally frowned upon the idea. I ended up graduating with a degree in Political Science. (Look, where I am now, Ma! Teehee!) I also tried to take up Computer Science that could have made me an eligible applicant to various IT Jobs here and abroad. Nevertheless, my present work is still related with computer stuff so I basically am enjoying it a lot.

Hmmm... I think I'd look for MacGyver episode DVDs soon. I can't wait to let Rap watch it. I'm sure he's going to enjoy it as much as we enjoyed watching Monk.

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