When I'm Sixty-Four

Are you familiar with the Beatle's song, "When I'm 64?" One of the lines of the song goes like this... "Will you still need me, will you still feed me,
When I'm sixty-four."

We're having a vacation in Bacolod City as of the moment and we are staying in my aunt-in-law's house. My husband's aunt is almost 80 years old and her husband is even more older than her. I marvel at the way they still lovingly treat each other even after all these years. During breakfast, it's still my aunt-in-law who serves her husband's breakfast. They still kid around with each other which makes us also giggle with admiration.

I hope and pray that our marriage will also last as long as theirs. I dream that my husband still remains as loving as he is even when I am old and gray. I hope that I won't need to buy anti aging supplements for me to stay looking young and beautiful. I won't mind getting old and wrinkled up as long as I spend loving moments with my husband until the day I die.

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