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I just bought an Elba oven last month from my December and January blogging income and made it the latest addition to my newly renovated kitchen. The oven starts my journey into baking. I know how to cook and family and friends appreciate my cooking. But I have never tried baking on my own and in my own kitchen yet. I mean, I have already learned how to bake cookies and cakes back in high school but that was way too long ago.

Should I study a course on baking or just reading recipes and watching Youtube videos will do? How about other baking tools? Should I buy the traditional mixer or will I settle for the modern handheld one? What kinds of pans and cookie sheets will I buy as my starter set? These are just a few of the questions that I'd like to ask from more experienced mommy bakers. Just let me know about your suggestions by commenting to this post. :)

I am really excited to start baking any time now. Never mind that I might need weight loss products for the flabs that I'll surely have from all this baking and tasting. Cooking for me is therapeutic and it makes me feel good about myself when my boys complement my cooking. I hope they'll love my baking, too.

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  1. hi just popping by. I came across your blog from top blog ph.
    baking- yeah, that's a fun hobby. i guess it's more 'scientific' than cooking, coz you have to measure ingredients (almost) exactly. good luck!
    I'll follow you and will drop by again.
    regards. my site: http://thesaladbowlmommy.blogspot.com/


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