The Wii Fit Challenge

A few days ago, I was tasked to write an article about Wii Fit for The Philippine Online Chronicles. Chats, my editor, probably thought that I'd be the best girl for the job since I own a Wii balance board. (Yep, the balance board is all mine but the Wii console is Rap's!)

So in the middle of my research, I came upon two awesome Wii Fit community sites that enticed me to exercise regularly again via the Wii Fit game. The first site,, is a community site that was started after Julie Maloney successfully lost weight after using Wii Fit for a year. The other site,, is a good companion to getting fit with the Wii since it provides various routines.

JAN 6: Change my goal?

I'm on my 2nd week of my personal Wii Fit challenge and I just lost a pound of fat. I'm still hopeful, though. I am aiming to reach my weight loss goal by the time I celebrate my birthday in June. I'd appreciate if you can share to me your tips on how to reduce stomach fat as it is really my problem area. I bet my arms and legs will be toned by next month and my belly will still be flabby. :( I hope the Super Hula-hoop I'm doing now can do the trick.

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