Eh Kasi, Bata!

Have I told you about my blogging son? Rap has been blogging for almost 5 years now. He started when he was five, about the same time when I started to blog, too. Before, I let him write his thoughts on an old notebook which I type afterward. We were still on dial-up connection then and it would take tons of pre-paid internet cards for him to finish one post. The blog has gone through a couple of layout changes and the most recent was last night. I had to change the layout because he thought the old one was "lame." That's his favorite word nowadays to describe something which he thinks is corny or baduy.

The photo above is a screencap of his latest layout. That one passed his taste after hours of searching the web for kid layouts. I almost got a headache tweaking his blog because, for the first time in years, I finally had the time to change his blog from the old blogger layout style to the new xml platform. I think the hours of tweaking did wonders as he became interested in updating his blog more often. He wants to add widgets to his blog that's why. I have also recently taught him how to embed a YouTube video to his posts.

I hope you can have time to visit my son' s site, too. You can read about everyday kid stuff over there but don't forget to come back to learn more here about parenting stuff. His site, by the way, is Sorry for the shameless plug. Aren't we all stage mothers? :)

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